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“Bringing Financial Education To Where The People Are”


The workshops we offer are all professional Power Point presentations that are enhanced by thirty years of real-world illustrations. The stories I use enable the listeners to see the financial principles dressed in the “working clothes” of everyday life. Some illustrations are prime examples of how not to do it, while others show us how to do it.  Topics can be tailor-made to fit the specific needs of the host.

Our personal counseling follows the theme of a “Financial Wellness Check Up” in which we examine income and expenses to determine cash flow.  We also devise a workable plan to pay off debts and take the first steps toward debt freedom.

The AskMrG online financial library contains over 200 timely articles that provide specific answers to  financial questions. Content from AskMrG has appeared on such prestigious sites as, YahooFinance, and Each library is customized to integrate seamlessly with the host’s website.

After thirty years of family counseling, I have never seen a time when the average American is in more need of understanding and applying the common sense principles of finance.

AskMrG Consulting, LLC, can be a real help to your business, your church, your students, or you personally.

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AskMrG Consulting, LLC exists for the purpose of “bringing financial education to where the people are.”  We accomplish this goal in a number of ways, including financial workshops, literature, personal counseling, and an online financial education library called AskMrG.

I believe it is possible to have money with the money we have. To do so requires a realization that is not primarily now much money we make, but how much we manage what we make that will put us in the driver’s seat.

“Staff commented that they liked this training day better than past years...the information was useful.”

“Very entertaining, great information and presented in a way that was easy to understand.”

“You gave some tips to us that I hadn’t thought of before that I will be able to use to help members when they come in for financial counseling.”

“Simple and easy to understand.”

“Was definitely worthwhile and wold recommend to others.”

“Interesting and informative.”

“Interesting, educational, and retainable.”

“Learning the way an average American thinks was very helpful.”

“Definitely worthwhile.”

“Gave insight into issues that members have that go beyond debt ratio and credit score.”

“Gave me new ways to think about budgeting and savings, and new ideas about how to coach members.”

“It was at eye level where everyone, no matter what generation, could relate with real life stories to tie together the information.”